Additional Calendars

Additional Calendars will allow you to create new and edit already existing calendars in OTRS System when and how you want. Edition is managed from the level of Admin.

New calendars can be used for configuration of client lines and SLA, creating new events.

Additional Callendars is compatible with following versions of OTRS:

  • OTRS 3.3.x
  • OTRS 4.0.x
  • OTRS 5.0.x
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Customer Dashboard

More functional, eye pleasing design of the dashboard adapted especially for You! This add-on will allow you to fully customize the design of the Dashboard from the Admin level. With help of Customer Dashboard you can set specific style, colors and look of the dashboard. Thanks to that visual site will become more clear and elegant – perfectly fitted to your Company profile. All of this requires just one click!

Customer Dashboard makes access to specific information, notification based on diagrams, widgets and charts more easier than ever! The add-on can be edited in order to suit the type of your Company stylistically and color-coordinated to the type of presented data and information. Furthermore Customer Dashboard allows you to create few different styles according to level of advancement or highlighting priorities notifications or information.

OTRS Dynamic Field File

Add-on OTRS Dynamic Field File allows you to add files as attachment’s to tickets and articles. This module provides to save files in a way as dynamic fields do in OTRS System works.

OTRS Dynamic Field File is very useful tool in case of creating the processes in OTRS system for example workflow management. Thanks to our module, transferring files has never been this easy!

Queue Responsible

This add-on allows you to automatically assign an agent responsible for notification thanks to adding connection between user and a queue.

Benefits of this add-on will be clearer separation of divisions by queue responsibilities and more significant reporting.

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Queue Service

Add-on Queue Service allows to assign queues to services. Thanks to that in the process of creating notification possibility of choosing services will be automatically limited.

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Telephone Ticket Templates

OTRS Telephone Integration is a module that allows integration of the OTRS System with the central telephone line. It is perfect for companies with helpdesks that uses telephone instead of email to contact their customers.

This plug-in automates the work of agents (eg. through automatic replenishment tick data or automatic dialing to the client) to form the entire call history. Telephone ticket templates also integrates telephone exchange with OTRS System.

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