What is OTRS Cloud?

OTRS Cloud is our proposal to all companies which need Helpdesk solution but don't have enough resources to secure it's operation in a right way. Thanks to our automated way of running OTRS systems our offer is easier and cost effective - especially for small companies.

Why you should host OTRS Cloud with us?

After acquiring the standard package we assure that you and your company will have full support, everyday and automatic backup of data, what prevents your data from any damage.

What else you can get?

OTRS Update on Demand

Each time you think it is time to make an upgrade just give us a sign.

Within 5 days from request you will be given an information about the schedule of your OTRS update.

Custom development

If you need something in addition - you can get it directly from our OTRS Developers.

For our OTRS Cloud Customers we have prepared special hourly rate offer.

Custom support plan

We understand that each business runs in different model. That's why we are extremely flexible but at the same time we use best ITIL practices.

What are the significant advantages of making a use of the OTRS cloud?

First of all, our company provides the full support of your company after purchasing the standard package. Our services starts immediately after receiving the payment. Secondly, you do not have to worry about data lose any more – we offer data backup every day. You may be sure that the stored data will be saved and secured. What is more, our company provides also additional OTRS cloud services dedicated to the needs of every company.

Some of additional services are:

OTRS cloud update on request

if you feel, you need the update of your system, feel free to contact us. Our staff will inform you when the system will be updated and provide relevant knowledge on the update within 5 days.

Additional modification

our team consists of experts who are not afraid of difficult tasks. As an outcome, we are able to create the OTRS cloud that will meet your expectations.

Custom agreement

we know that different business requires different solutions.

Get your OTRS Cloud today!

Simple. Effective. Smart.

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