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OTRS (Open Ticket Request System) allows efficient communication both inside and outside organization – with customers or employees. This system is based on tickets, which contain the entire conversation and can be monitored by supervisors. In case of not resolving the ticket in set time the problem may escalate informing supervisors of the agent assigned to certain ticket that there is a problem and it is not beeing solved. This prevents your employees from neglecting tasks from your most important partners and let you increase your service quality.


OTRS has a system of queues where tickets are delievered. Each queue can have a certain selection of tickets that they recieve. The most common division of queues bases on services that your company provides. The queues work automatically but tickets can be manually moved to other queues (e.g. faulty ticket, solution requiring attention from different department).


Every single registrated entry is marked and recieves its unique number forming a ticket.

Group of agents that can be assigned to different services (e.g. agent managing IT support may have no permission to open sales tickets and vice versa) can open ticket and take responsibility to carry on conversation and keep your customer up to date with progressof the solution they need. 

User  & Agents

OTRS divides users into two categories – users that send their tickets to your system (e.g. customers) and agents who are your support employees.

Agents can be assigned to special groups, queues and roles which indicates how much responsibility each agent has and what kind of tickets are under his supervision.

OTRS 365 Mobile

The main feature and undoubtedly the biggest advantage of this application is the simplicity of exploration. Thanks to clear user interface everyone is able to use it with ease.

Main functions:

  • immediate data synchronization with all devices,

  • possibility of creating mail and phone reports,

  • giving the priority status,

  • constant touch with the users reporting the problem,

  • creating new categories and assigning agents to them,

  • creating reminders in order to plan all future tasks and actions,

  • possibility of complex management of the support process (from the first notification to the final solution),

  • integration with a standard IPHONE HANDLE add-on.

The majority of users who make a use of OTRS cloud ask for its mobile version. They use the smart phones where they go online and manage their companies from the mobile phone. Nowadays, the users are free to use the OTRS mobile version that will let them use the software wherever they are. OTRS mobile has numerous useful functions that will be appreciate by experience as well as new customers. Some of them are:   

✔ the possibility to update the data at every device – when the devices work online, the system updates the data constantly. It means that the person who uses only mobile version has also the access to data located at the personal computer in the headquarters.

✔ The OTRS mobile version includes also advance calendar where can be located the important information on coming events and meetings. Moreover, the system can notify about important events.

✔ The access to service desk – you can also receive the support via the OTRS mobile version 

✔ The OTRS mobile is available at iPhone Handle add-on   


OTRS support for ITIL

ITSM is a service management system, working in OTRS envioriment. It is bases on solutions from third generation of ITIL, its latest version. ITIL is a library of recommendations of providing IT services with highest efficiency. ITIL resolves the main problems such as:

  • Service Strategy,

  • Service Design,

  • Service Transition,

  • Service Operation,

  • Continual Service Improvement.

Entire system is backed on the idea, that you need not only IT infrastructure and internal company organisation, but also continuous monitoring and improvement of provided services. ITSM prioritizes individual approach to each customer separately. ITSM allows you managing knowledge and data, lets you reduce reaction time of your employees and increase their efficiency. Through ITSM module, you can monitor tickets, keep statistics, build knowledge library, about individual service and customer. Additional advantage of ITSM is Change Management system, which eliminates any losses, that would else appear in case of incompetent change introduction.

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